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"Jeanna is a wonderful colleague. Her professionalism coupled with her innovative and thoughtful ideas always made me so thankful to have her at the table beside me."

“Jeanna was the lead POC for one of my previous clients, IDSA.  I worked with her for many years and was always very impressed by her strategic thinking abilities.  She led digital initiatives in an association whose leaders depended on her understanding of technology.  She was excellent at disseminating information for them and getting buy-in.  She was a pleasure to work with and I will strongly recommend her to any position she is considering as she is a self-starter!”

“Jeanna is that rare individual who possesses both technical skill, creativity, and a unique ability to stay calm under pressure. She is a tremendous professional who inspires those working with her. I can't recommend her highly enough.”

"I had the pleasure of working with Jeanne for 2 years as my Director at IDSA, but she was more than that, she was a true mentor. I learned a lot about marketing and web development through her guidance at work as well as suggestions to stay current in my field outside of work. Her skills and ideas really helped bring a new modern look to the organization. Any company would be lucky to have Jeanne apart of their team."

Dimple A. Patel

UX Designer

"Jeanna leads IDSA's web strategy efforts effectively. She understands the value of developing a roadmap that identifies all the moving parts and prioritizes upgrades and new features over time as resources are available. It is a delight to work with Jeanna who has learned to build a true team among staff, multiple vendors and key volunteers to maximize efficiency."

Rick Johnston, CAE

Consultant to Nonprofits

“Jeanne was very positive and creative in her role at AUSA. She had strong coordination skills amongst the different departments. She also displayed a thorough knowledge of project management”

Norman Campbell

Information Technology Executive

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