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Director of Membership and Marketing Strategy

Infectious Diseases Society of America
Arlington, VA
January 2014 to August 2016

Executive Summary:
Most recently, I worked as the Director of Membership and Marketing Strategy for the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) reporting to the Vice President for Communications and Membership. There, I oversaw three communications and membership functions for IDSA: the membership department, web and digital strategy and marketing. I worked with leadership across the Society to set the strategy for these three areas, with the end goal being to enhance IDSA’s brand and increase and leverage member value. I created and maintained budgets for each of these three areas, and ensured expenses and activities were all in alignment to increase opportunities for revenue gain and a strong, engaged membership. Further, I oversaw staff in each of these areas, ensuring that opportunities for mentorship and professional growth were provided.

Overview of essential job duties:
Overseeing an Integrated Marketing Effort

  •  Ensuring the IDSA brand identity was clear and reinforced throughout all IDSA programs and services

  •  Working closely with senior leadership across the Society to develop strategies for reaching and engaging key audiences in a highly targeted and consistent manner

Overseeing the Membership Team

  • Setting strategic direction for the IDSA Membership department to ensure the Society maintained strong, effective recruitment and retention efforts, and that perceived membership value was high

  • Working closely with the membership team to formulate specific strategies and to oversee implementation

  • Ensuring membership strategies and efforts were aligned with association best practices and that IDSA employed cutting-edge tactics to build and maintain strong relationships with members and prospective members

  •  Creating strong alignment of activities with the marketing, web operations and membership teams, such that all efforts were coordinated and fully leverage opportunities

  • Ensuring new technologies and web platforms were identified and utilized when appropriate to enhance membership value and to meaningfully engage with members

Overseeing Digital Marketing and Web Strategy

  • Ensuring IDSA identifies uses and leverages new web technologies that make efficient use of data, help deliver stronger membership value, and allow for new marketing opportunities

  • Setting the high level strategic direction for this area and work closely with the web team to formulate specific strategies and to oversee implementation

  • Working closely with IT to identify and implement other needed technology solutions that interfaced with the membership database and content management solutions

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