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Digital Strategy

  • Proven success in leading digital initiatives that maximize benefits and align with the organization's vision, goals, opportunities and related activities

  • Projects include customer intelligence, collaboration, service optimization, enterprise technology architectures and processes, innovation and governance;  customer-focused efforts such as web sites, mobile, social, site and search engine optimization

I have a drive for customer success and expertise working with senior level stakeholders

  • Assess each customer’s situation, needs, aspirations and risks, using that assessment to deliver consulting and analytics that help ensure that each engagement delivers meaningful contributions to marketing success.

  • Provide comprehensive guidance across all marketing tactics

  • Create an assessment of business situation and needs (functional and emotional) that serves as the basis for communication, analytical plans, and technical decisions

  • Create and manage engagement plans to help clients implement software and services

  • Uncover the best options and actions that will best increase marketing performance

  • Help clients see, appreciate, and move forward on opportunities for action that they might not otherwise pursue

  • Deliver answers and guidance in a clear, compelling way that inspires action

  • Coach with a focus on continuous improvement

  • Continually assess extent to which each customer is realizing the full potential of their engagement, working with them to increase value over time

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